Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thoughts of a diabetic!

Diabetics run on insulin 2) Diabetics do things sweeter 3) Sometimes diabetics don't eat, just to get a reaction 4) Talk about diabetes too much and even my best friends don't like me! 5) Eat and take no insulin and your blood gets thicker than syrup 6) So far if you join the diabetic Cub, you can't quit 7)Have you hugged a diabetic today? 8) Diabetics "can be" Sweet-hearts! 9) Elevated BS's can make you tired and ornery-except for me, of course 10) Diabetics can be good batters, depending on their reactions. 11) A diabetic was robbed by a man with a gun then he took a shot. 12) To enter college, the diabetic had to test! 13) Alice was a diabetic whose sister hated her. As they fought, her sister yelled "die-Alice-Sis! 14) One morning my mom thought I was a little confused, but after pouring corn flakes directly on the table then milk on top, she was sure my sugar was low! 15) Many years ago Iwas taught to give myself shots by practicing on a grapefruit-commonly used. A newly diagnosest IDDMleft the hospital and soon after, his B.S. checked in very high. When asked If he was doing everything as taught and he said" every morning he injected the grapefruit then promptly ate it! 16) My sister would have been a terrible diabetic, as the first time my doctor came to my house ( there were few EMT's), he stuck a needle in my arm and injected glucose. He then motioned to her to put syringe on the table, which she did, but then he had to get out the smelling salts for her! 17)When 1st in the hospital they made a big deal about waching my feet. About 6 months later I finally asked "what am I looking for" 18)Not for the squimish-I had been having laser treatments on my eyes for Retinopathy and they got more and more intense ( I kept yanking my head out of straps). Fearing injury, he had me close my eyes and then stuck a needle through my eyelid, into my eyeball to anesthesises it. If Ihad known what was going on, I would have been gone! 19)Im sure Barb had no idea what she was in for when we got married. WE bought a trailer and 5 acres, 3 miles from home and months later I woke up confused, so my wife went to get something sweet out of the fridge--absolutely nothing. She called my dad, who got there in under 3 minutes with O.J. He found Barb frantic, she thought she had choked me to death by shoving Oreos down my throat. We all lived and got better prepared 20) Many years ago my sister-in-law rode down south with me in my Nissan 280ZX. It was getting daylight and she woke up ( a bit squemish) to find us going through the highest, eastern mountains at 90 mph, with me holding the steering wheel with my knee, while giving myself my insulin shot- she then stayed awake 21) I was driving our Farmall tractor into the yard one evening and my BS bottomed out and I drove the narrow front end up the corn picker- fortunately it stalled. More Later

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ilook too young!

Me a grampa times 7!! We brought the 2 girls back with us, but they wouldn't let us bring the latest. Austy-McGosty now isn't the only grandson, but will always be special, as all are! With Vitiligo making me look like an albino, it's hard to see any resemblence to me (I know my kids agree).Nayeli will turn 5 today and I know it will be rough on mom and dad. We will try to make it special! Barb was quite insensitive and missed Nick's 2nd birthday- of course she was in the hospital having Molly!Now we have Nick, Molly and Kennedy all on May 3rd. I'm proud of Beth and Rob for not finding the sex until birth! I have a great joke here, but my daughters would kill me. I hope somewhere down the road, someone uses Halsey ( even as middle name), not for me but for Dad. Dale's pretty neat too.
Why do they keep making cell phones smaller and harder to open and use? Not that I have dexterity problems at all. I like speed dial, it only takes 3-4 times to just touch 1 number (hopefully the right one ). Check the LSJ Opinion page soon- 4 articles in 4 months! Exterminate Democrats and Republicans, vote Independent!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Sorry, Iforgot, we stopped real quick at Dunkin Donuts last nite and they no longer have Dutch Crumb donuts, plus the donut I got that was supposed to be Bavarian creme inside, when I got home it was custard-I "hate" custard! What's a brittle diabetic to do? After 42 years, Ican eat these and still control my blood sugar. Oh, the Lord works in mysterious ways. Donate to CF please.
When is it we have to do our taxes? Idon't suppose we can make them spend it where we say!

Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm baaacck

I just found Barb's Blog and for the 1st time saw some wonderful pictures of MY grandkids.There's other neat blogs not meant for me. Do I get an attitude at times,- Never. I got a new cell phone but it's going back. Ringer istoo low (on high) and speakerphone is useless. It's harder to open than the one I tried at the store. Am I the only person with some dexterity issues? Why don't phone companies make a larger, easier to open and use phone and without costing a fortune.
We went to dinner last night with friends ( yes I have friends) and they had just what Ineed-it's an updated version of my old one with a cover with a lip so I can open it. Bye-bye Gleam, hello LG. I asked at the Verizon store about a helpful cover and they were no help. I must be getting mellow because I wasn't a smart-aleck to them or did I zap them with my Wit, I just took my toys and left. When I was in my business, I knew what Iwas doing and if the person asked me something I politely answered them. If for some reason I didn't know, Iwould apologize and would find the answer for them- that was good business. This guy checked a couple useless covers then said "sorry who's next" A lot of these businesses need a 10 foot pole and a 20 foot pole, for those that the 10 footer didn't help! It's hard to believe that sometimes, I'm old-fashioned and ornery.
We are heading to St. Louis next Saturday because if Allison doesn't start labor by monday, they will induce her. As long as she at least waits until Thursday, because I have a worrysome liver test on Wednesday and if I postpone it, it may be summer before they could rescedule it. I'm the type that would rather get unpleasentries done and over right away. In May I get to have shoulder surgery and some major oral surgery. I wonder if there are records for things like, most surgeries, most blood draws, the most shots given ( including to yourself-I think I'm over 74,000), most tests other than blood draws, most hospitalizations, most doctor appointments, Or the nastiest thing ever told to a doctor! Molly will say I need to get a life-- you havn't gone private yet! I know she will be great, but it's still weird to think of Bethany as a mom! Sometimes it's hard to think of my kids as parents- you would think I would start to show my age, like their mom! Max had a bad week with an upset tummy and has been in the doghouse (I still got it) He's lucky he has Barb wrapped around his paw. I learned how to look at short email videos and move pictures already on my computer. Anyone know, if I put my fist through this thing can I grab that little spinning ball and heave it/( delay symbol)? If anyone knows anyone who may want to share blogs, let me know. There's probably a bunch of them! S&T of being S&T Bud and Max

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I haven't posted in a while, a little bummed I guess, no real reason. It's impossible to be bummed when with any of the grandkids! I'm sure it's not helpful that I can't help but laugh when they do something that mom or dad try to disapline them for. They are just so adorable, I just don't have it in me to disipline them like gramma does! How they can all be so independent and unique and yet all are so absolutely precious! Austy-McGosty and Kalli-Beth are so close and we usually see them at least 2-3 times a week, Reagan and Kennedy we normally see 1-2 times a week, then Nayeli and Karyna we only see every 2-3 months, but no matter what the time frame, they all seem to change continuously. I was so worried when Nick and Allison took my 2 little girls to St. Louis and we wouldn't see them often enough that they might kind of forget grampa, but they have erased that fear. In fact, last trip as I walked in, Karyna ran right up and hugged me and whenever I sat or laid down in the living room, she was my personal nurse. She brought me blankets, pillows, something to drink and even some of her toys and dolls! Being with gramma around the kids, it's easy to get lost, but i'm fortunate that my grandkids have so Much love to give out and divvy up.
Kalli-Beth is getting quite comfortable around Max.
The next few months I'm not really looking forward to ( 3 test or surgeries with anesthesia). but the highlight will be grandchild #7/ grandson #2. Austy's reign will be over. I'm getting tired--impossible, I'm always tired. More later!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We just returned from St. Louis, Nick, Allison, Nayeli and Karyna are all well. A little boy is due near the end of April, they won't tell us his name-I don't think it will be Halsey. They are hoping Nayeli gets picked for a highly rated school, otherwise they will have to move because the city schools are not very good. It was great seeing thm all, the girls are growing so fast. I had a good time with Nick, besides having someone to match wits with, we had time for some stronger dialogue and I love asking Nick questions and getting his view point.Even though we don't always agree, I always respect him. He respects me too even though he would never admit it! It came to me on the way home that Iam the most intelligent, interesting, witty, verbally, strong,conciencious good looking and modest person I know. I had a rough weekend due to a bad Friday the 13th that I won't go into. Did I ever mention my grandkids? They are all so unique, gorgeous, independent, yet all mine! An atheius(?) would even call them a blessing. I got Barb flowers and made her a special bread for Valentines Day and she got me a new CD player? Do you know which grandkid I like best? All of them!! Bye for now--Bud and Max

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Not much

Went to another of my social events-another doctors appt. After an hour, this doc. referred me to another doc. I need lab work too, but I'll get that tomorrow, can't have too much excitement in one day.. In the morning Jack and I are going to Fowlerville Farms for breakfast with Ron's brother and Jack's other brother ( unfortunately mine too). They have great honey-butter to put on anything, or just lick the knife! Kalli-Beth wasn't quite herself for her birthday, but is getting back to her sweet adorable self and getting into everything. Austy-McGosty misses his friend Charley, but he is great at making friends. He's growing up way too fast! I hope he always keeps his cowlick in front. Barb and I are heading for a short 4 day trip to St. Louis to see Nick, Ally, Nayeli, and Karyna. They grow so much when we see them ouly every 2-4 months. It still hasn't totally sunk in yet that a litle boy is coming soon! Austy will finally have a boy cousin on ouir side. We went down to Katie and Ricks, so Rick could do church stuff and Katie could show some girls how to play hoops. I so miss the days when my girls were awesome playing the point. Reagan and I had a blast, I can't believe she knows all her states, where they are and can read their capitals on the map. Kennedy is one smiley little girl and loves to try and get Reagans toys, when she has them. Does anybody else love their grandkids like we do and think they are the most precious blessings God has given us?
When we get back I have a few tests, then a bunch of doctor's appt's on the horizen. It seems like I'm back to, before I get out of bed each morning I do a quick body check to see what new isn't working! I'm not real impressed with Obama, his idea of change is filling all his cabinet with " Professional Polititions", except for the ones who " accidently" forgot to pay their taxes. Former governor of Illinois was heading to Washington because he heard there were some Cabinet openings. If we the people don't take our country back and go back to the song "We're proud to be Americans" and start solving our problems foremost, we are headed for a long, tough time. All we need is the smarts and guts to use the equipment we have to shut down our borders, get rid of Al-queida and the Taliban with little loss of life. Oh well.
Ireally wasn't much interested in the Superbowl,but Marley and me was pretty good, except that Jennifer Aniston can't act. The real sad part so reminded me of Gus and Hobbes. I hope it's warm in St. Louis. TTFN